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Alliance Council

Alliance Council Meeting 11.21.13

Jan 30 2014 12:54 PM | robertaK18 in Alliance Council

Attendees (22/45): Ron Lamb, Cameron Collins, Jerry Neil, Stephanie Steiner, Brian Prouty, Glenn White, Matt Oak, Derek Pells, Aaron Reed, Brendan Vaughn, Mike Dollard, Jeff Randle, Brian Winchester, Mark Winchester, Randy Nunez, Paul Cox, Kris Mydske, Dan Roe, Dylan Vanderhoof, Sam Chesneau, Greg Mockos, Roberta King

Annual Alliance general meeting – Paul Cox
The annual all-Alliance meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 9, 2013. The club sent email invitations to Alliance members. The format of the meeting will be similar to last year, with reports by the front office and Council, followed by a question and answer period. The 2014 Alliance member scarf and designer will be presented. Kris, Mark, Leann, and Roberta volunteered to help at a Council table to interact with Alliance members. Council is invited to meet with ownership prior to the annual business meeting. Questions for the front office and ownership are currently being collected via email, questions@ssfcalliance.com

Constitution & bylaws committee – Cameron Collins
Cameron distributed a revised draft of proposed amendments to the Alliance Constitution and Bylawsvia email earlier
today. Council discussed the revisions and provided advisory votes on specific language.

2014 meeting dates
Glenn will survey all council members to develop potential meeting dates for next season.

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Alliance Council Minutes 10.16.13

Nov 20 2013 10:33 AM | robertaK18 in Alliance Council

Attendees (23/45): Leann Johnson, Roberta King, Ron Lamb, Greg Mockos, Kris Mydske, Dan Roe, Mark Winchester, Ken Wyatt, Sam Chesneau, Cameron Collins, Matthew Goecks, Pablo Mendoza, Angelica Mendoza, Jerry Neil, Randy Nunez, Matt Oak, Derek Pells, Brian Prouty, Jeff Randle, Heather Satterberg, Brendan Vaughn, Glenn White, Brian Winchester

Old business:

  • Branding of Alliance – Glenn White
    A resolution regarding third-party branding of the Sounders FC Alliance was introduced, discussed, and edited at the September 15th meeting of Council. The following resolution was approved by vote of Council:

225]WHEREAS the Seattle Sounders Football Club Alliance, (heretofore referred to as “Sounders Alliance,” or “Alliance”,) is the body of season ticket holding fans and supporters of Sounders FC; and

WHEREAS the Alliance Council is a body formed, in
main part, to represent the interests of the fans and supporters of Sounders FC; and

WHEREAS formal or informal association with
commercial entities may provide the appearance of misrepresentation of the fans
and supporters of Sounders FC; and

225]WHEREAS the Alliance logo in current use has been branded with another corporation’s (“Root Sports”) logo without permission granted by the Alliance Council, the body formed to represent the interests of the Sounders Alliance; and

225]WHEREAS the origin and nature of this current sponsorship is unknown, and has not been approved through resolution, approval of the Alliance Council, or other known means;

225]THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED the Alliance Council shall not allow the branding of any corporation, business, non-profit, charity, or entity, to be associated with any Sounders Alliance or Alliance Council logos or representations, except as
approved through further resolution by the Alliance Council.

225]Further, to ensure transparency in all transactions regarding the Alliance branding, any resolution allowing sponsorship of the Sounders Alliance or Alliance Council must clearly state all terms for the sponsorship, including how and when the logos or representations may be used, the period of time for which they may be used, and any financial considerations rendered for the use of those logos or representations.

225]If financial considerations are part of the terms for sponsorship, a detailed budget for the handling, management, and disbursement of funds must be included as an addendum to any resolution allowing sponsorship.

225]As the Alliance Council recognizes that there may be contractual obligations to the Sounders organization regarding the Sounders Alliance and Alliance Council logos and representations, the Alliance Council sets the effective date of the resolution to the first day of the 2014 MLS Season.

225]The Alliance Council will provide logos, usage guidelines, grants of approval, and terms of use in marketing and other communications to Sounders FC by February 15, 2014.

  • 40th Anniversary Patch – Glenn White
    Glenn, Likkit, and Dan will coordinate and collect designs for Council review.
  • Constitution & Bylaws Committee – Cameron Collins
    A motion to amend the definition of quorum in Bylaw 6 was introduced by McKenzie Clark earlier in the year. An updated amendment was presented by Glenn White at the September Council meeting, and revised following Council discussion. The goal is to increase the ability for Council to meet quorum and effectively conduct business. Council passed the following amendment, to be effective from 21 November 2013.

225]Bylaw 6) Rules of Order; Quorum is Defined

225]The rules of order for the Alliance and Council shall be the latest edition of “The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure”, by Alice Sturgis. These rules shall apply unless otherwise specified in the Alliance constitution or bylaws.

225]At a scheduled Alliance Council meeting, a Council quorum shall be determined at any time a vote is called. A Council quorum for any voting actions by the Council (other than approving minutes of previous meetings, discussing current or future meeting agendas) shall be calculated as at least 50% of the number of elected Alliance Council members who have:

225]been marked as present for the current meeting at the time the vote is called, and who were also marked as present at the previous Alliance Council meeting

225]plus 1.

The committee is also collecting ideas for other suggested revisions to the Constitution and Bylaws. Cameron presented a draft of potential revisions to the Constitution and Bylaws, including proposed roles of an executive committee, and much discussion ensued.

  • End of year business meeting – Brian Prouty
    The committee currently consists of Brian, Kris and Jerry. The committee will work with the front office to determine date and agenda for the annual business meeting with the Alliance. All Council
    members are expected to attend.
  • Discussion with Front Office – Dan Roe
    Dan and Paul met recently with Adrian Hanauer, Bart Wiley, and Taylor Graham. Discussion topics included ideas for the Sounders 40th anniversary in 2014, the annual Alliance business meeting, the executive committee concept for Council, stadium improvements, Cascadia away ticket allocation, and inviting front office representatives to share information at Council meetings.

New business:

  • Matchpass  – Likkit Pocinwong
    Dan relayed an update from Likkit. The Matchpass
    program is still evolving, and the front office is aware of what has gone well and what hasn’t during the course of the season. They are looking to other organizations with similar programs for additional ideas and improvements.
  • 2013 Kit – Ken Wyatt
    Ken noted concerns with the 2013-2014 rave green jersey and instances of lettering that doesn’t survive laundering. The lettering and logos do not adhere well to this specific fabric.
  • Next Meeting – Dan Roe
    The next meeting will be on Thursday, November, 21, at 7 pm. Location to be announced.

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Alliance Council Minutes 9.15.13

Oct 06 2013 10:37 AM | robertaK18 in Alliance Council

September 15, 2013

Attendees (25/44): Paul Cox, Leann Johnson, Roberta King, Ron Lamb, Rachel Molloy, Kris Mydske, Likkit Pocinwong, Dan Roe, Mark Winchester, Kevin Zelko, Mike Dollard, Matthew Goecks, Kevin Hughbanks, Angelica Mendoza, Pablo Mendoza, Randy Nunez, Matt Oak, Keith Osterhoudt, Brian Prouty, Jeff Randle, Heather Satterberg, StephanieSteiner, Dylan Vanderhoof, Glenn White, Brian Winchester.

Old Business
  • Scarf design contest – Dan Roe
    There were more than 240 submissions, despite the limited PR and time allowed to submit designs. Dan reported that the judges’ top five were ruled out by the front office due to limitations on use of the former Sounders’ logo or use of the Space Needle in the design. Future contests will benefit from additional directions for designers. The winning design was created by Garrett Amini.
  • Constitution and bylaws committee – Paul Cox
    Paul proposed that council provide guidance to the committee to further develop a propsal for an executive committee, discussed later under new business. McKenzie’s proposed amendment to bylaw 6 and the definition of quorum was introduced. Glenn proposed changing the focus of amendment because the constitution doesn’t allow creation of different classes of Alliance Council members. Glenn will offer an amendment to the resolution at the next meeting.
New Business
  • Third-party sponsor branding of Alliance / Council – Glenn White
    Glenn proposed a resolution to restrict corporate branding of the Alliance logos or other brand messaging, and subsequent removal of Root Sports from any current Alliance identity. Glenn will make edits to the resolution based on Council discussion.
  • Sounders 40th anniversary patch – Glenn White
    Glenn introduced a resolution for a patch to be affixed to 2014 kit tops to honor the 40-year history of the Seattle Sounders. The front office is amenable to this idea.

WHEREAS the 2014 MLS Season is the 40th anniversary of the first season the Seattle Sounders played; and

WHEREAS the fans and supporters of Sounders FC
recognize the importance of honoring the rich and glorious history of the Seattle Sounders;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED on behalf of the fans and supporters of Seattle Sounders FC, that the Alliance Council recommends the addition of a 40th Anniversary patch to be affixed in some way to all 2014 kit tops worn by players during the calendar year 2014.

The Alliance Council will suggest designs and locations for the patch. The delivery of those suggestions is subject to timing to be given by Sounders FC, so as to accommodate approvals, creation, and attachment of the patches.

It is acknowledged that such patches would also make excellent memorabilia for fans and supporters, and Seattle Sounders FC may wish to make them available through the team store or other merchandising outlets.

The resolution passed unanimously. A committee consisting of Glenn, Likkit and Kris will develop a design for the patch.

Open discussion

Attendance spreadsheet – Glenn White
Glenn has developed a spreadsheet to help determine quorum to use for roll call at time of votes. This will be useful with potential changes to bylaw 6.

Topics for the constitution & bylaws committee – Paul Cox
- Proposal to create executive committee for discussion between front office and council. As a first step, the constitution and bylaw committee will be asked to take ideas and draft possible roles and authorities for review by council. Initial ideas were that the committee should have an odd number of members, include the three officers, at-large members, and include a mechanism to remove or replace a member, as needed.
- Proposal to develop standing meeting dates. Members discussed whether this should be in bylaw or constitution, and recommends that the dates be set in the bylaws. The constitution and bylaws committee will be asked to poll all council members regarding a set date, and develop a proposal for 2014 meeting dates. Council unanimously agreed that a quorum of 2/3 of council will be required for a vote on meeting dates to occur.

  • End of year business meeting
    Brian, Stephanie, Kris, Leann volunteered to form a planning committee.
  • Next meeting – Paul Cox
    Wednesday, October 16, 7 pm; Stadium

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Alliance Council Minutes 8.17.13

Sep 16 2013 06:59 PM | robertaK18 in Alliance Council

Alliance Council Minutes  
10:30 a.m. Sunday, August 17, 2013

Attendees (21/45):
Matt Oak, Ron Lamb, Cameron Collins, Sam Chesneau, Mike Mead, Mark Winchester, Glenn White, Likkit Pocinwong, Dylan Vanderhoof, Derek Pells, Brian Prouty, Brian
Winchester, Jerry Neil, McKenzie Clark, Stephanie Steiner, Ken Wyatt, Paul Cox, Pablo Mendoza, Angelica Mendoza, Kevin Hughbanks, Roberta King

No quorum.
  • Review of meeting with ownership (7/28) Paul Cox
    The Front Office reported on improvements to stadium entry and wanding process; discussed
    potential celebrations for 40-year anniversary of Sounders in 2014; FO asked for a prioritized list of ideas by November. Council is compiling ideas on our shared drive, everyone is encouraged to add ideas. Other topics included outreach to new fans and marketing the SFC brand, planning for the end of year business
    meeting – continue to have Council plan and run the meeting, and opportunities for more council input on match day presentation and experience.
  • Scarf Design Contest – Paul Cox
    There were more than 200 designs submitted! In the next few days, the judges will be selecting finalists for the Alliance-wide vote.
  • Alliance Council membership status
    Stephanie Steiner
    The current membership is 45; Number needed for a quorum is 23 (50% +1), and we haven't reached a quorum at all meetings. Stephanie sent emails to Council members who haven't been attending. We've now updated the email group with thee addresses for two missing members (Mike Mead and McKenzie Clark). Stephanie has had no response from two others (Mark Inderhees, Craig Williams).
  • Alliance voting eligibility – Stephanie Steiner
    While corporate suites are not eligible to vote for council members, individuals in a private/non-corporate suite have been seeking the ability to vote. They were able to participate in ther GM retention vote only, still not able to vote for Council members. Stephanie continues to pursue voting rights for season ticket holders in suites.
  • Council process - Paul Cox & Angelica Mendoza
    Discussion began with Angelica proposing that Council elect an executive committee to help oversee work of council and move ideas forward. An open discussion included a variety of questions and comments about how council operates, what would be the role of an executive committee, what are the roles of individual members, roles of committees, role of the president, how much discussion should take place in monthly meetings, whether discussionsshould take place online in advance of meetings, and the attendance/quorum issues. Glenn offered to set up a private Facebook group for Council discussion.
  • Next meeting – Paul Cox
    The next meeting is Sunday, September 15th.

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Alliance Council Minutes 7.17.13

Aug 06 2013 12:04 PM | robertaK18 in Alliance Council

The latest from your Alliance Council.

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Alliance Council Minutes 5.21.13

Jun 08 2013 08:35 AM | footiefan in Alliance Council

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
101 Elliott Building

Attendees (24/44): Keith Osterhoudt, Ron Lamb, Danni Blue, Paul Cox, Mike Dollard, Kevin Hughbanks, Matt Oak, Jerry Neil, Greg Mockos, Bob Davis, Glenn White, Dylan Vanderhoof, Heather Satterberg, Derek Pells, Brendan Vaughn, Brian Winchester, Mark Winchester, Brian Prouty, Angelica Mendoza, Pablo Mendoza, Randy Nunez, Stephanie Steiner, Leann Johnson, Roberta King.

FO representative: Taylor Graham


Welcome to four newly elected Alliance council members: Derek Pells, Matt Oak, Jerry Neil, and Kevin Hughbanks, bringing the Council total to 44.

Old business:

1. Vancouver away tickets for non-supporter-group Alliance season ticket members – Leann Johnson/Roberta King
Leann outlined the plan developed in collaboration with Sounders’ and Whitecaps’ front offices in response to concerns expressed by supporter group representatives on council. The proposal includes 156 tickets in sections 216/217, adjacent to the away supporter group sections. This section will differ from the supporter group sections in that it will be assigned seating and no tifo or other prohibited items will be allowed. There will be no requirement to arrive early as these seats are assigned and individuals will be arriving independently, not in a large group. Ticket holders will be required to stay in the seats for 15-30 minutes after the match, along with the supporter groups. MLS liaisons, security and Sounders’ front office representatives will monitor this non-supporter-group section, and supporter groups will have no responsibility for the fans in this section. Tickets (4 max.) will be sold via MyAccount Manager and will be mailed in advance to the Alliance member. Tickets will be offered to Alliance members beginning with those who purchased season ticket memberships in 2007. Council voted unanimously to amend the proposal and then unanimously approved the amended proposal.

2. Committee for connecting and interacting with Alliance – Brendan Vaughn
Brendan reported on the committee’s continued discussions around connecting with Alliance members, increasing their overall awareness of Council, and improving match day experience for everyone. Glenn summarized his position that we have communications tools, but in order to engage the Alliance, the Council needs to demonstrate its value by effecting positive change, then communicating accomplishments along with the message that the Alliance Council is about improving match day experience. The committee is in the process of seeking match day experience suggestions from Alliance members, which will then be collected and prioritized by the committee based on their relative impact and the cost/effort to complete. As there was interest broadly across the Alliance Council in assisting with this effort, Brendan will seek electronic ways to catalog ideas and invited Council members to add suggestions to the list. The committee is proposing to bring ideas forward to the FO in July.

New business:

1. Open Discussion
- Improved signage surrounding supporter sections – Justin Williams (not in attendance)
There is a need for extra signage that explains what to expect when sitting in or near the supporter/GA section.

- Removing the flamethrowers from goal posts – Derek Pells
An unofficial show of hands revealed that a slight majority of the council members present enjoy the new goal celebration flames. Stephanie noted the size of the supports and additional staff are blocking views of the pitch for fans in the north end suites. Taylor suggested that Council invite the Sounders’ director of game day presentation to a meeting to share information about their plans and perspective and allow Council to provide feedback. Taylor pointed out that CenturyLink management and concessions contractors also influence match day experience.

- Supporter group recognition process. There was an online form, but information needs to be more visible to those seeking recognition by Council and the Club.

- Captain’s armband – Mark asked if there is an opportunity for fans to design a special armband. Jerry reported that he is in the process of submitting a design to the front office.

- New fan outreach. Randy asked whether the Sounders FO has information on the demographics of the Sounders fan base, if the club is planning outreach to additional groups, and how ticket prices might be used to entice new fans. Randy will follow up with Paul.

2. Next meeting – Paul/Taylor reported that they have not been able to find a date in June for Council to meet with ownership, and will seek a date in July instead. A motion to cancel the June 9th meeting passed unanimously after discussing the lack of agenda items.

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Alliance Council Minutes 4.14.13

Apr 28 2013 08:36 AM | footiefan in Alliance Council

Alliance Council Meeting Minutes

Sunday, April 14, 2013
Seattle Central Community College

Attendees (26/41): Ron Lamb, Andy Cole, Greg Mockos, Dylan Vanderhoof, Glenn White, Mark Winchester, Brian Winchester, Bob Davis, Pablo Mendoza, Paul Cox, Angelica Mendoza, Brendan Vaughn, Heather Satterberg, Angeline Bounds, Kris Mydske, Dan Roe, Mike Dollard, Sam Chesneau, Aaron Reed, McKenzie Clark, Ken Wyatt, Matthew Goecks, Kevin Zelko, Evan Kolius, Randy Nunez, Roberta King (secretary)

Old business:

1. Ticket allocation for Cascadia away matches – Paul Cox
Last meeting ended with discussion on a proposed resolution to eliminate the 74 tickets previously allocated to Alliance season ticket members (STM) through a Club-sponsored lottery. As the discussion resumed, it was noted that the Council vote is advisory and that the Club has the final decision in distributing away tickets. The front office has confirmed there are 800 tickets allocated to Sounders fans for Portland, and that Vancouver has increased the number of available tickets to 1,500. Vancouver is also willing to provide a reserved seating section for Alliance STM, separate from the supporter groups. In light of this new information, council approved a motion to vote separately on the Portland and Vancouver 2013 away ticket allocations. The motion passed with 22 in favor, 2 opposed, and 2 abstaining from the vote.

Roberta King presented an amendment (co-written with Leann Johnson) to maintain the Alliance STM ticket allocation and address concerns previously raised by supporter group representatives. The proposal noted strong demand (2890 tickets requested via STM lottery in 2012), support for STM allocation by Sounders’ ownership, differences between STM traveling in pairs compared to hundreds traveling together in the supporter groups, accountability through the Club who has information on each STM account, and the Club’s willingness to run the lottery for Alliance STM. Advantages include stronger away support for the Sounders and extending the privilege of more affordable tickets to the entire Alliance membership.

For Portland, the proposed amendment included improved communication by the Club about STM lottery ticket rules, clarity on the conditions required in traveling supporter sections, such as general admission tickets, early arrival for entrance to the stadium, and respect for supporter group protocols. Supporter group representatives cited additional concerns with safety and security, lack of a point person for STM accountable for managing tickets or enforcing behavior, the potential for tickets to be sold or given to others who wouldn’t be aware they would be in a supporter group section, and that supporter groups could be held responsible for problems that may arise among visiting STM. The amendment failed to pass, with 4 in favor, 18 opposed, and 4 abstaining.

In response to the supporter group concerns, Kris Mysdke, along with Ron Lamb and Bob Davis, proposed an amendment to allow a supporter group to manage the 74 tickets for the Alliance STM. This also failed to pass, with 9 in favor, 13 against, and 4 abstaining.

The resolution to eliminate the 74 Portland tickets for Alliance STM, and to allocate all 800 tickets to supporter groups, passed with 18 in favor, 5 opposed, and 3 abstaining. The tickets will be allocated to supporter groups as follows: Emerald City Supporters - 82.6%, Gorilla FC - 9.8%, North End Faithful - 3.6%, and Eastside Supporters - 4%.

The discussion turned to the Vancouver away match tickets. With 1,500 tickets available for Sounders fans, Paul Cox noted that this number was greater than supporter groups would need. The Alliance STM proposal from Roberta and Leann included making a minimum of 250 tickets available through Club’s lottery, with all tickets to be located in a section separate from the supporter group sections. The section would not be general admission, but would be normal reserved seat tickets, with each ticket tied to an STM for accountability. Supporter group representatives noted their concerns about safety and accountability, questioned the exact location of the STM section, and asked whether STM would be held to similar conditions as supporter groups, such as having an assigned point person(s).

Council agreed to table the vote on Vancouver tickets for Alliance STM (23 in favor, 3 opposed) until the May meeting, allowing Leann and Roberta to work out details on STM tickets with the Sounders front office. Supporter group representatives requested answers to all of their questions along with the assurance that supporter groups will not be acting informally or formally as on-the-ground liaisons with stadium security and facilities.

Council unanimously approved a motion, made by Glenn White, to release 1,200 tickets for supporter groups so they may begin ticket sales and travel planning. The fate of the remaining tickets will be determined in May.

A motion to adjourn the meeting failed to pass, and several council members left.

2. Committee for connecting and interacting with Alliance – Brendan Vaughn
Brendan postponed the committee update until the May meeting.

3. Supporter group recognition for 2013 – Dylan Vanderhoof
Dylan noted that Council had voted in March to renew recognition of four supporter groups, but that the procedure and timing for new supporter group applications is unclear. Information on the supporter group page on the SSFC website needs to be updated.

4. 2013 Council meetings
In the ongoing hunt for a meeting location, Paul reported no success in identifying an eastside venue that can accommodate the current size of council. Council members expressed ongoing frustration and interest in meeting space provided by the Club. Paul noted that the Club offered stadium today meeting, but that arrangements had already been made. Heather Satterberg offered a meeting room in the 101 Elliott Building (formerly the PI building). Sam Chesneau noted Seattle Central Community College is also available as a backup location. Council approved the Elliott Building as the preferred alternative to the stadium, with weeknight meetings to begin at 7, and Sunday meetings to take place during the afternoons. The vote was 15 in favor, 5 opposed.

5. Next meeting date: Tuesday, May 21.

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Alliance Council Minutes: 3.27.13

Mar 27 2013 08:37 AM | footiefan in Alliance Council

Alliiance Council Minutes
7:00 – 8:30 pm, Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Seattle Central Community College

Attendees (23/38): Paul Cox, Danni Blue, Evan Kolius, Angeline Bounds, Dylan Vanderhoof, Mark
Winchester, Mike Dollard, Brian Prouty, Angelica Mendoza, Pablo Mendoza, Leann Johnson, Keith
Osterhoudt, Kris Mysdke, Sam Chesneau, Dan Roe, Robert Scherzer, Roberta King, Stephanie Steiner,
Cameron Collins, Jeff Randle , Ron Lamb, Kevin Zelko, Ken Wyatt.

Old business:

1. Alliance-wide voting in 2013 – Dan Roe
Dan proposed an amendment to Bylaw 4, Election Rules for Council, to clarify start and end
dates of Council terms. Following discussion, friendly amendments to the motion were made and
approved. The amendment to Bylaw 4 was approved with 17 in favor, 5 opposed.

2. Council voting – Leann Johnson, Dan Roe
The new online voting system is now live. Leann and Dan explained the new system, which allows
Alliance members to log in to nominate themselves and be added to the online ballot. To cast a
vote, Alliance members log in and choose from nominees listed on the ballot. A new page on the
Sounders FC website displays vote totals and is updated every 10 minutes.

3. Committee for connecting and interacting with Alliance – Danni Blue
Danni presented a list of ideas for reaching out to the Alliance to improve overall awareness
of the Alliance and the Alliance Council. Council asked the committee to bring back specific
proposals. Committee: Danni, Brian, Roberta, Keith, Paul, Glenn, Ken, Stephanie

4. Intra-council communications – Danni Blue
In response to comments about the number of emails that arise during Council email discussions,
its was suggested that Council members change their Google Group settings to receive daily
summaries of emails rather than each individual message. It’s not necessary for Council to RSVP
to the monthly meeting announcements. It was also noted for new Council members that Bart
Wiley and Taylor Graham of the Sounders’ front office are included in the email group, helping
maintain communications between Council and the club.

5. Twitter: @Alliance Council – Evan Kolius
Evan reported that the council Twitter account now has 1038 followers. Evan will join the
committee for connecting and interacting with the Alliance.

6. Choosing two charitable partners – Angeline Bounds
No update; Angeline welcomed her new committee members, Brendan, Brian, and Rachel.

7. Meeting dates & location for 2013 – Paul Cox
Council reviewed and approved the dates proposed for the remainder of the year. It was noted
that one or two dates may change in order to accommodate attendance by club ownership. The
decision on locations was tabled until we can get additional input from the front office. Approved
meeting dates and locations: Sunday, April 14 – Seattle; Tuesday, May 21 - Bellevue; Sunday,
June 9 – Bellevue; Wednesday, July 17 – Seattle; Sunday, Aug 11 – Bellevue; Sunday, Sept 15 –
Seattle; Wednesday, Oct 16 – Bellevue.

New business:

1. Supporter group recognition for 2013 – Paul Cox
Council unanimously approved renewal of recognition for four supporter groups – North End
Faithful, Eastside Supporters, Gorilla FC, and Emerald City Supporters.

2. Ticket allocation for Cascadia away matches – Paul Cox
A proposal to eliminate the Alliance Season Ticket Members Cascadia Away Lottery was
presented by Dylan. Council discussed the experiences in Portland and Vancouver last year
when a portion of the total tickets (74 out of 800) were allocated to a lottery for season ticket
members who aren’t affiliated with a supporter group, and the pros and cons of continuing the
lottery opportunity in 2013. The discussion was tabled awaiting more information from the club,
including a potential increase in the number of available tickets.

3. Open Discussion
Stephanie and Kris volunteered to develop a Facebook page for the council.

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Alliance Council Meeting Minutes: 2.10.13

Mar 02 2013 08:38 AM | footiefan in Alliance Council

Alliance Council Meeting Minutes
Sunday, February 10, 2013 4:30 pm
Location: Bellevue Brewing Company

Attendees (23/38): Danni Blue, Samuel Chesneau, Cameron Collins, Paul Cox, Mike Dollard, Roberta King, Evan Kolius, Ron Lamb, Paul Lower, Angelica Mendoza, Pablo Mendoza, Greg Mockos, Rachel Malloy, Keith Osterhoudt, Brian Prouty, Jeff Randle, Dan Roe, Robert Scherzer, Stephanie Steiner, Dylan Vanderhoof, Brendan Vaughn, Mark Winchester, Ken Wyatt.

1. Welcome and Introductions
Council membership update – 2013 – 2014 Council Term. 2013 Council now has 38 members!

Re-Elected Council Members

Newly Elected Council Members

Angeline Bounds

Roberta King

Daniel Roe

Samuel Chesneau

Danni Blue

Andy Cole

Cameron Collins

Michael Dollard

Matthew Goecks

Paul Lower

Mike Mead

Pablo Mendoza

Angelica Mendoza

Keith Osterhoudt

Brian Prouty

Jeff Randle

Robert Scherzer

Stephanie Steiner

Dylan Vanderhoof

Brendan Vaughn

Glenn White

Craig Williams

2. 2012 Review – Paul Cox
Paul reviewed the highlights of the Alliance and democracy in sports during the 2012 season, including the GM retention vote and the vote on the 2013 season ticket holder scarf design.

3. Meeting Dates/Location for 2013 – Paul Cox
Our constitution calls for monthly meetings with an invite to ownership in March, June, and November. The council members in attendance agreed to avoid meeting on match days this year because of conflicting pre-match activities. Alternating the monthly meetings between weekends and weeknights was identified as an option to ensure that no council member is excluded due to other scheduled commitments. The March, June, and November meetings with ownership will be scheduled based on ownership availability.

4. Electing New Officers for 2013
President: Paul Cox (unopposed) was elected.
Vice-president: Dan Roe, Stephanie Steiner, and Evan Kolius were nominated. Dan Roe was elected.
Secretary: Roberta King (unopposed) was elected.

Old business:

5. Alliance-wide voting in 2013 – Roberta King
An Alliance-wide vote is needed to change language in the constitution. Council passed a motion in April 2012 adding the following text to the duties of Secretary (Constitution, Article 5, Officers of the Alliance): The Secretary shall maintain, and keep current, a record of the Council Constitution, By-Laws, Resolutions, Commendations, and Membership. Council agreed that this should be added to the ballot during the next regular voting period, in fall 2013.

6. Choosing two charitable partners
Last season, Angeline Bounds agreed to lead this project. Brendan, Brian, and Rachel volunteered to join a committee to work with Angie and the Club on how to proceed.

7. Voting on future kit design – Paul Cox
Council will continue to work with the FO on the opportunity for the Alliance to vote on kit design. One next step is to invite Sue Harris (Sounders FC Director of Retail Ops) to a meeting to discuss the design and selection process. Danni, Cameron, Dylan, Mark, and Sam volunteered to form a committee.

8. Scarf design contest for 2014 – Dan Roe
Dan will continue to lead a committee to work with the club to plan a scarf design contest. Mike D. and Stephanie volunteered to join the committee (consisting of Rachel, Angie, Likkit, and Roberta), as needed.

9. Council voting – new for 2013 – Dan Roe, Leann Johnson
Voting for Council is soon changing to a two-step process. Those running for council will need to log in to soundersfc.com to nominate themselves. All nominees will then be placed on a council ballot. When Alliance members are ready to cast their vote for a council nominee, they will click on the Council Ballot and select one of the candidates listed there. This eliminates the issue of manually locating and combining multiple spellings for the same person. It also prevents people like Kasey Keller, Roger Levesque, etc., from being nominated without their consent. The new voting section will refresh vote totals every 10 minutes, so no more waiting a week to find out if you have gathered enough votes.

10. Supporter group recognition for 2013 – Paul Cox
The annual supporter group recognition vote by Council will take place at March meeting. An invitation will be published for representatives of renewing and prospective supporter groups.

11. Ticket allocation for Cascadia away matches
This topic will be on the agenda for the March council meeting.

New business:

12. Open Discussion
Evan reported that the council Twitter account – @AllianceCouncil – is active, and a Facebook page is planned.

Brendan suggested forming a committee to develop strategies for connecting and interacting with all STH, such as having an Alliance Council table at the stadium, or publishing info on the Alliance in the match day program. Volunteers for this committe include: Brendan, Paul, Brian, Roberta, Keith, Glenn, Ken, Stephanie, and Danni.

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Where do we go from here?

Jan 20 2013 08:40 AM | Paul Cox in Alliance Council

The first four seasons of the Sounders FC Alliance has seen the drafting and ratification of a Constitution, four annual general meetings of the Alliance with questions from the membership answered by the Club's owners and staff, and of course the retention vote for General Manager.

Soo.... where do we go from here?

We have a framework for the future.  The Constitution and bylaws of the Council provide the Alliance with a method for bringing up issues to the Club and even holding Alliance-wide votes on items of high importance to the members.

The member associations that Drew Carey based his original idea for the Alliance on have an obviously much wider and deeper reach than what we can or would have here in MLS.  Barcelona, for example, actually own their Club!

While MLS's corporate structure wouldn't allow for that, the Sounders owners indicated openness to the notion of selling the Alliance a small, symbolic stake in the Club.  Is this something we want to pursue?

How about more voting?  Are there issues we should be putting forward to the membership?  What would you like to be able to chime in on?

Your Council members need to hear from you guys.  Let us know what you would like to see us move on.  Comments are open!

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