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ECS Plan an Entire Weekend to Celebrate Cascadi...

Aug 22 2013 09:30 AM | Randy%20Bonds in Supporter Blogs

SEATTLE – A Cascadia Cup match versus Portland itself is enough to bring about a frenzy in Sounders
fans, but since this will be Dempsey’s first home match, that level has reached mass hysteria. To celebrate
this historic day, the Emerald City Supporters (ECS) have planned a weekend full of events to stoke the
flames of the Cascadia rivalry.
On Saturday, August 24th, the Emerald City Supporters Football Club (ECS FC) will host the Timbers
Army Football Club for their fourth annual friendly at Nathan Hale High School. The opening match will
kickoff at 4:30pm and the feature match will follow at 6:30pm. An after-party will be hosted at the
Atlantic Crossing with part of the proceeds benefiting the ECS FC.
On Sunday, August 25th, the ECS will continue their ongoing tradition of hosting the Brougham Block
Party at Fuel Sports Bar. Located at the corner of Occidental Avenue and South Washington Street, this
21+ event will feature a large beer garden, food and full bar, ECS membership and merchandise tables,
and raucous chants and songs. Festivities begin at 2 p.m. and extra restroom facilities will make this a
comfortable party venue for all Sounders fans (21 and over).
The Emerald City Supporters are the largest independent supporters group of Seattle Sounders FC, and
can be found at the Brougham End of Century Link Field during every Sounders home match.
Drumming, singing, waving flags, displaying tifo, and cheering on the Sounders, “The Brougham
Faithful” create the best game day atmosphere in MLS.

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What slippery slope are we on?

Jun 12 2013 02:26 PM | SeattleReign in Supporter Blogs

When it comes to game day there has always been one thing I've been pretty proud of, that for the most part Seattle has a fairly organic (for lack of a better term) experience here. We have the March to the match, we have an amazing supporters section that is slowly bringing in others around the stadium to sing along in chants, and we don't have much prompting from the FO or stadium crew as to when to do things. That used to be more true, i'm not so sure it is any longer.

I don't know how others feel about the following, so I wanted to get some feedback. The way I see it, more and more we're starting to slip into a habit of bringing more crap into the game experience. My concern is that it will just keep sliding downhill, and getting back to a more simple soccer game experience will be harder to do.

Video Screens: I noticed last game against the Whitecaps that we're starting to see more video board prompts to do things (Chanting, scarves up, make noise, etc...). There has always been a little bit of this but it seems to be happening more frequently.

Flames on the goal: This one has me totally baffled. Is the crowed not into the games enough that someone thought it would be a great idea to borrow the flame thrower towers from a Motocross event? This isn't a monster truck rally, it's not World Wrestling, and it's for sure not some heavy metal rock show. I really don't see the need for a gimmick like flames shooting out from behind the goal posts. To me, it really cheapens the whole experience.

Marching Band: I know some like this, and I really don't have an issue with the marching band playing at the games, I would just rather not hear them playing during the play of game. That means not striking up the band every time someone takes a corner kick or free kick. I'm not sure of the point of this other than to distract. I'm just not sure who it distracts the most, is it our team, the opposing team, or just the fans near the band? Either way it would be nice to remove this while the game is in process. To me it feels a little too much like I'm at a Husky football game.

Ok, there it is, that's my gripes and concerns. I really just want to see what other people think about all of this. Because I for one am worried that we're heading in the wrong direction. You know the one, the one where we end up with cheerleaders or dancers, a stupid mascot, and possibly the keyboard player from the Mariner games. I would much rather see a more stripped down version of our game day experience. The game isn't that long, do we really need that much extra garbage to keep our attention or keep us occupied?

Thumbs up or down for the flames?

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Haters wanna hate

Jun 08 2013 03:02 PM | smitha46 in Supporter Blogs

OK, this is my first actual blog post on here, everything before has just been responses but I think it's time to voice my full opinion.

First off, hell yeah Sounders, the ship is headed in the right direction. It was a bit shaky to start the season but things are smoothing out. I've been saying all season (not necessarily on this site, but to some extent...) that once we get a few more players healthy we will be a force to be reckoned with, Now is that time. Without Evans for midfield stability (and to take the PK), without Alonso to hound the strikers in midfiled, and without the aerial threat of Eddie Johnson, we beat a pretty good opponent. So good work there.

Obafemi Martins seems to be adjusting very well and he is exactly what the Sounders need: a finisher. He missed a couple tonight but not by much and he was clearly disappointed. I've been happy with his ability to put away those easy-looking goals that are actually quite hard. So far more consistent (though less creative) than Montero ever was.

One asset that I underestimated coming into the season was Neagle. Don't get me wrong, I've always liked him as a player, but until this season I've always seen him as a pure winger: lots of pace, plays hard, good crosser and outside shooter but a clumsy touch and poor finisher. He has proved me very wrong this year, and this game was a perfect example. Great assist to Rose, calm finish in tight quarters, and good close control in the box to draw a penalty. Plus all the touches and runs that don't show up on the score sheet. Dollar for dollar I'd say he and Alonso are far and away the best value players on the team.

But the main reason I'm writing this post is that the Sounders now sit at 5th overall (I refuse to give any credence to the two-table system, except inasmuch as it decides who plays in the playoffs). And in points per game, Portland and RSL are both within .05 of us. And we beat Dallas, so the only team in the league that has any reason at all to claim to be better than us is Montreal. I'd say that's a pretty good place to be, given how horriffic the first 6 games were this season.

I guess my point is, it's been easy to criticize the players, front office and management (and I won't front, I've questioned Sigi's decisions, I think Shalrie Joseph is a waste of money, and in almost every match there has been at least one sub-par player) but the point is, after a terrible start, we are in the top third of the table, less than halfway through the season. And I think that shows a lot of grit, not to mention skill, on the part of our team. So let's give them the respect they deserve and stick with this team til the end. That is all.

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Coach Sigi

May 30 2013 02:24 PM | fjtbc in Supporter Blogs

This Season has been a roller coaster, but the panicked posts calling for Sigi's head are extremely short-sighted.

Lets explore this a bit

- Sigi is one of the most experienced coaches in the league and has more wins than anyone.

- He has won titles with both teams he coached previously and won 3 open cups here in Seattle.

We have had a winning record every year and have never failed to make
the playoffs. Take a look at other recent expansion teams and let   this
sink in a bit...tell me about the playoff and CCL success of TFC,
Whitecaps, Portland, Philly?

- we are 1 of 2 teams EVER to win in Mexico and the only team to beat a Mexican side in CCL knockouts.

if this is the guy you want to fire based on losing the first open cup
match in 4 years and an inadequate (although not losing) record only 11
games into the season, then I am afraid you don't think things through.

MLS is an incredible difficult league to perform well in because of the
cap, and with a few exceptions we have done pretty well....take a deep
breath and relax.

I also expect us to consitently be a top team
in this league, and am frustrated by the lack of success this year...but
firing Sigi is definitely NOT the way forward.

/end rant

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Coaching Decisions Versus Players Decisons

May 30 2013 02:20 PM | fitbacrazy in Supporter Blogs

Last night's penalty situation against the TBR raises a question that I have been thinking about for some time. Coaches coach and, I'm assuming, that should a penalty be awarded to us in any game - that our coaching staff have already determined/assigned a player (and back up player) who will take them. Last night, we witnessed someone who was only on the field just a few minutes when the penalty was given. Obafemi Martins was so gung ho to take the spot kick that he practically ripped it out of another player'shands. I think that Oba is a wonderful addition to our team and that if he sticks around will be a good signing. However ..... DP or not .. fresh on the field he shouldn't have taken the penalty. This post is not an excuse about us losing. It begs to ask the question as to how much players follow instructions given to them prior to any match. In saying that, Oba may have received a severe tongue lashing from Sigi last night. Not for missing the penalty but for the fact that he took the penalty in the first place! I somehow doubt that however!!! Your thoughts?

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Shalrie Joseph

May 29 2013 02:31 PM | Rafterman in Supporter Blogs

After watching his few appearences for the Sounders I think it is pretty safe to say that in the short term there is very little that Shalrie offers us in terms of quality to the side.  I understand that Ozzie is hurt and in the coming weeks Evans will be off with the national squad but I still don't want to see Shalrie out there, even after his red card suspension.  He is showing is age in every aspect of his play.  His pace, decision making, effort, and contributions are all sorely lacking. I belive that Sigi needs to tell Shalrie that he's not getting a shot again until he shows him that he deserves it because the player we've seen certainly doesn't.  I would rather see Carrasco and (yes) Rose continue to gain valuable game experience instead of watching Shalrie bumble around the back line watching runs being made and spewing out inaccurate passes.  Shalrie was once a quality player in the MLS, it is looking like those days are long gone, if he can get back or at least close to that Sigi should give him a shot but as of now I would not let him near a Sounders jersey.

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May 26 2013 02:22 PM | Finlay in Supporter Blogs

Tonight was proof that money and big names are no contest to a good coach and a solid game plan.  If anyone still wants to think our team will win an MLS cup with our current coach, keep dreaming.

I have said many times, we need a new coach. Tonight proves my point, for those who have not got it so far.

Our best team on the field consists of players that work well together, and are given the freedom to do their best.

We did not see that tonight.

Coaching is to blame, and we need a new one.

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Let's go Sounders, Keep it up!

May 18 2013 02:29 PM | SeattleSoundersFC in Supporter Blogs

Sounders may not be in an ideal position in the table, but they sure are ranked for the best defensive team in the league this season with only 7 goals against them and second best deffensive teams have 9 goals against them (Sporting KC, NE Revolution, LA Galaxy, and Colorado Rapids) and there's DC United who so far has the worst defensive rank in the league this season.
Looking at the schedule, if we beat the next four teams FC Dallas, Galaxy, Chivas, Whitecaps then we can easily reach 24 points to reach where FC Dallas are (or were if assuming they get more points), moving ahead of Eastern Conference leaders New York red bulls at this time period  who has accumulated 21 points in 13 games.

On a side note, I've been to 3 Sounders games, (Friendly vs Chelsea 2012, Vs. FC Dallas (last home match of 2012), and San Jose Earthquakes May 2013) and I've seen the Sounders outscore, their opponents 7-1, and even though I would have liked to see more, they still put on solid performances, making the games I went to, memorable.

With this in mind, my question is how do you think the Sounders will fair today against the Top western conference leaders, FC Dallas after our 4-0 victory at home last week?
I know, some people may still be questionable of Seattle's lineup and performance at this point and for those who are, how many games would we have to win before you would feel comfortable?

And even the Sounders playing one of the least amount of games, For me I am pretty comfortable, that we are on the right track and that our team is heading where it should be. This is the beginning of the rebirth of our team.

Feel free to add any thing else you would want to talk about.

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At what point is enough?

Apr 20 2013 03:06 PM | karimjooma97 in Supporter Blogs

**I am not calling for Sigi to be fired, nor am i praising him in this blog**

At what point should the FO make the decision to part ways with Sigi? It could end up being to late too far into the season when the sounders then have no chance of making it to the playoffs. First off, is the sounder's despair this season Sigi's fault? In many eyes, it is. According to them, his tactical inflexibility and mismanagement of players has caused the Sounders to give up games this season. We have a lot of work to do to make the playoffs and we have been thrown away pretty much every MLS game this season. I myself agree that the playoffs should always be a staple for the Sounders as we have established ourselves as a top side. Basically, what i am asking, is where do we draw the line? At the end of the season if we dont make the playoffs? Midseason if we keep losing? Now?

This may seem contradicting to what i have said above, but i would like to say one more thing. Regardless of if anything that has happened this season is Sigi's fault, part of supporting the Sounders is highs, but also sticking with them throughout the lows. That is what supporting your team is about, sticking with them through thick and thin.(i would know i support Liverpool) So if you are having doubts about supporting the team right now, just realize that no matter who our coach is, no matter who is on the pitch, no matter how many fans show up to a game, you can never let the passion die down, becuase then you have let your team down. Fans are part of the team, just as important as the players and coaches. They need our support. Sounders Till We Die, and mean it.


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You pay peanuts you get monkeys

Apr 10 2013 03:27 PM | Ultra in Supporter Blogs

Enough talking about the incompetent head coach. Last night was all about the quality of the players. In first 15 minutes, we could have been 3 -0 up before Santos even had their first shot.  Zach Scott: he is the main reason why we are of out the CCL, he is to be blamed for both goals. in the first leg he was out of position and unbalanced chasing a high ball and knocked out Traroe resulting in loose ball to Santos took the shot and then the follow-up. Yesterday again bad positioning, underestimating a high ball and unnecessary foul resulted in the goal. The new CB kid could have played better than him. Zakuani: you have could scored 4 goals by yourself yesterday. I could not believe the chances you have wasted, even the gift from Lamar. It looked like you were pissed that Sigi pulled you out, are you kidding me. Your ego is getting in the way and your injury made you afraid to the limit you can’t even finish easy balls in the 6 yards because your scared to get injured again. If that is the case then you are done and soccer is not for you anymore. Get your head out of you’re as*. Alonso: you are still my favorite. But this year you are not half the Alonso I know. If this is about your Premier league disappointment, you need to move on. I know that it’s not fair that CJ is DP and you are not, but this is the BS of the FO. Please get yourself together we need you. Charlie J: were to start, miss passes, telegrammed passes, not wining any loose balls, passing backwards all the time, no tackling any player, missing a free header and another easy shot in the first half yesterday, I am sure that was not meant as a pass to Zakuani.  Rosales: you did your best yesterday. I love your spirit but sorry you are done. You don’t score, you don’t server well, too many miss passes, you loses the ball every time you try to dribble. Ochoa: for a start, get rid of the gum. You are no caliber for the Sounders, but it’s not your fault. EJ: it was obvious that the injury took a toll on you yesterday. You are different cut player then the rest of this team. I think you should be a DP and not Rosales nor OM. Please get motivated. OM: huge mistake to sign him. He will be injured all the time. I don’t think he will score 3-4 goals all season.  Martinez: what is his role? I am not sure that there is any tactics to create any chance form his side.

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